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  Solid Surface

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what is Solid Surface?
Solid Surface is made up of Acrylic Resin and Alumina Trihydrate fillers. With its unique non-porous property, its superior quality is consistent right through its thickness.

seamless joins & design flexibility
A huge advantage of Solid Surface over Stone is its ability to be seamlessly joined. This means no unsightly joins. Solid Surface provides greater design flexibility that allows us to create new designs in shapes and thicknesses that best meets your requirement.

hygienic & stain resistant
The non-porous nature of Solid Surface means it is highly resistant to staining. Eliminates bacteria and grime build-up, resulting in a most hygienic bench surface. It is the material of choice in commercial food service areas and hospitals.

The combination of seamless joining and non-porous properties through its full thickness, allows the Solid Surface bench top to be easily restored to new. In the event of an accident, repairs can be easily made without the cost of removing the whole benchtop.